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Even though s effort to meet our customers' needs, a selective crop of experts are invited from time to time to inject complementary experiences and practical insights into our training and research activities. Such expert are drawn from the universities, the private sector, the ADP's and most especially from the pool of highly experienced retired managers across the nation. Beside its being cost effective, the exchange of ideas between our faculty and these associates generates a balance and unique approach needed for improved management education.


  • Dr. N. K. Jaiswal(Indian); Planning and Institution Development.
  • Dr. R. O. Opeke; Institutional Building.
  • Prof. J. B. Adewumi; Local Government Training.
  • Prof. E. O. Oyedipe; Sabbatical Leave: Livestock Management in Nigeria.
  • Mrs. Olatunde (Former Commissioner for Agriculture, Kwara State) Sabbatical Leave: Action Research on Socio-economic Development/Poverty Alleviation for Rural Women.
  • Prof. A.L. Ega - Consultant on Centre for Rural Development and Local Government, Conducted needs assessment for it establishment.
  • Dr. A.S. Adelakun -Consultant on Rural Development and Natural Resources - Poverty Alleviation, Women in Development, Economic Advancement Programmes and Management of Micro-Credit.
  • Dr.G.A. Alabi - Background study to establishment of a Documentation Centre.
  • Dr. (Mrs) Grace Gunwa - Action Research on Socio-Economic Development for Rural Women.
  • Dr. O.O. Gbeja - Agricultural Research Management.
  • Prof. Saka Nuru - Agricultural Research Management.
  • Prof. (Mrs.) O. A. Egunjobi; Sabbatical Leave: Women in Development.
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